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Moon/Relationship Reading $7

So heres the deal… For a swift $7 dollars via paypal, I will send you a detailed report on your moon sign and what it means to you when dealing with your emotions and relationships in general.  The report will give you the run down on the time of year and what to expect for this time along with your disposition in general and what you can expect your relationships to bring you.  Every moon sign approaches emotionality differently, if you don’t understand how your own emotions work in process, then how can you expect your mate to get you?  This is also good to do for couples as they can both start to understand the inner tendencies and dynamics of their relationship.  To get started just pay the $7 via the button below. Also Please email me a note that includes your birth time, birthdate and birthplace to  I will send you the report as soon as I can (usually within 8 hours)


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Mini Video Update Reading

Mini-Video Update Reading $27

For this reading I will send you a quick 5 minute update on your chart via Skype and notes for the week.  Send me your birth time, birthdate and birthplace info to along with paying the Paypal below.  I will then record your reading and make the upload file available via google drives. Just let me know where you want it sent out to!


Mini Video Update Paypal

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Have a Song Written and Performed for You or a Loved one!

Song of the Week $54

Have a Song Written and Performed for You or a Loved one!

So my local clients all know me as a guitarist and singer as I sing during my readings, but I also do this professionally.  If you would like me to write you a song for you or your loved on please submit $54.00 to paypal and I will record the song on my laptop camera and send it over to you for download! (24-48 hour turnaround time)  I do my best to tune into your subconscious needs during my writing process so that it becomes a healing an therapeutic jam for you to enjoy! Just let me know the subject matter you would like me to cover via email and send me $54 to

Song of the Week Paypal!

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